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Buyers Guides for European and Worldwide countries

The Overseas Properties Buyers Guides will explain the legal procedures of buying property in a country, as well as detailing the obligatory legal fees and taxes you will pay when purchasing real estate in Europe.
Also mortgage application procedures from European Banks and Worldwide Banks.

Property Buyers Guides for:

Albania Property
The costs associated with purchasing Albanian real estate are very low in comparison with neighbouring markets.
All of the buying costs are based on the purchase price of the property at a sliding scale, while the taxes in Albania are based on a fixed rate.

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Anguilla Property
Anguilla uses the East Caribbean Dollar.Foreigners, usually referred to as non-belongers, are required to obtain an Alien Land Holding License before purchasing real estate.

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Andorra Property
Once you have made the decision to purchase a property in Andorra you will required to make a deposit of 10% with your agent to secure the sale at the price agreed, an agreement is signed by both parties, and a receipt for the 10% given to the seller this is a non refundable deposit should the purchaser withdraw on unreasonable grounds.

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Antigua BarbudaAntigua Barbuda
Antigua Barbuda Property
One of the first considerations to make about buying a property in Antigua is 'What is the property's primary purpose?' i.e. residential, tourism rental or a commercial business property.

There are a variety of locations across Antigua Barbuda, so you are sure to find the one, that matches your dream.

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Argentina Property
Seller must obtain a domain certificate and a personal inhibition certificate from the Real Property Registry. The domain certificate sets forth that the property is free and clear of liens and or encumbrances.

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Australia property adviceAustralia
Australia Real Estate
The purchase of residential real estate by foreign nationals and corporations is subject to Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval.

Since government approval is obligatory in acquiring residential real estate in Australia, it is inadvisable to sign a contract before securing approval from the FIRB, unless the contract allows for a grace period for securing government approval, prior to completion.

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Austria property adviceAustria
Austria Properties
Where to buy Austrian property
Austria boasts some of the best ski areas in Europe and as such these areas are popular with foreign buyers, especially as holiday homes. The main areas of population in Austria remain around the Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna regions which make up about 70% of the total population.

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Bahamas Property
The ideal, relaxed lifestyle, coupled with a near absence of property taxes are attractions of purchasing real estate in the Bahamas.
The only taxes buyers are subject to is the property tax of 2% on real estate priced at over US$500,000.

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Balearic Islands  property adviceBalearic Islands
Balearic Islands Real Estate
Choose the right Balearic Islands property for your budget and requirements. The new title deeds for the property will be signed in the presence of a notary. The buyers must also be there in person, unless a power of attorney is legally given to your lawyer/legal representative, who can then sign on your behalf.

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Barbados Property
Barbados has long been considered a leader in the Caribbean both for the Tourism market and as a preferred destination for international businesses.

The marrying of these two sectors has created an extremely lucrative real estate segment for the local economy including sales, short and Properties For Sales and property management.

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Belgium adviceBelgium
Belgium Homes
Belgium has recently increased in popularity for foreign property ownership due to the head quarters of the European Union being based at Brussels. This has resulted in rising Belgium properties values, especially close to Brussels.

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Belize property adviceBelize
Belize Real Estate
Belize is a commonwealth member country, Belize's legal system is similar to that of the English system.
In general, foreign non residents may acquire properties in Belize. Both freehold (i.e. fee simple) and leasehold properties are available in Belize.

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Bosnia HerzegovinaBosnia Herzegovina
Bosnia Herzegovina Property
The good news is that a foreign national does not need to ask for permission to purchase a property in Bosnia Herzegovina. The emerging property market in Bosnia Herzegovina is similar to other developing countries with high end construction, and investment opportunities.

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Brazil Real Estate
To start the property purchase procedure you will first of all need to apply to the Brazilian Consulate in your own country for a translation of your birth certificate into Portuguese by a certified translator, and then legalised by the Consulate.

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Bulgaria  apartmentsBulgaria
Bulgaria Real Estate
With new, off-plan Bulgaria property developments it is not necessary to own part of the land or set up a company as buildings can be owned by foreigners. Bulgaria Property hotspots include The Black Sea Coast and Sofia.

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Canada Property
In British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, for example, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership, provided you spend less than six months per year in Canada.Unless buying a new property from a real estate developer, potential purchasers are required to register with an estate agent in Canada (realtor).

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Canary IslandsCanary Islands
Canary Islands Real Estate - Tenerife Properties
Your Canary Islands estate agent or solicitor then has the responsibility to gather all up to date receipts to confirm there are no debts on the property in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura.

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Cape VerdeCape Verde
Cape Verde Real Estate
Carry out Land Charges Searches at the local Municipal Authority and Land Registry Offices.These searches will reveal whether there are charges registered upon the Cape Verde property or any restrictions on title

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Caribbean Real Estate
The Caribbean Property legalities of each island in the Caribbean differ enormously, so it is imperative that you seek advice from a local lawyer before committing to any Caribbean real estate purchase.

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Costa RicaCosta Rica
Costa Rica Properties
Costa Ricans and foreigners enjoy the same rights in terms of ownership of property in Costa Rica.

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Croatia Properties
Croatia Property Legal Fees and Taxes. Croatia transfer tax is currently 5%. If you buy newly-built property like off plan apartments, this 5% will be levied just on the cost of the land. If the property is older, the 5% will be on the entire property value.

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Cyprus Property
Non Cypriots are permitted to purchase (for their personal use) either: an apartment in Cyprus, a house or a villa on a site, a piece of land.

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North CyprusNorth Cyprus
North Cyprus Real Estate
Real Estate Transfer tax-fees are necessary in order to transfer FREEHOLD property ownership to the name of the purchaser.

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Czech Republic real estateCzech Republic
Czech Republic Properties
Since the Czech Republic's entrance into the European Union in May 2004, purchasing Czech Real Estate has become more straightforward. Presuming that a house buyer will not be dependent on having to live in the center of Prague or other main Czech town centres, then the best locations in respect to low prices and good Czech property deals are about 40 to 60 km from any main town.

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Denmark Property
There are currently restrictions on foreigners from buying property in Denmark who have not had a permanent residence in the country for a total of five years.

If the residence stipulation has not been fulfilled, it is necessary to seek permission from the Danish Ministry of Justice to purchase property.

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Dominican RepublicDominican Republic
Dominican Republic Real Estate
There are no restrictions on foreigners purchasing property in the Dominican Republic so having found your ideal property in Dominican Republic; you will enter into an agreement between yourself (the purchaser) and the seller.

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Dubai Real Estate
Future demand for Dubai properties, for the foreign investor looks very secure with reported Capitol appreciation in recent years showing 15-25% annually. And Dubai property rental returns showing between 10-20% annually as well, and these returns are tax free.

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Egypt Real Estate
Hurghada, Egypt, with it's four golf courses, and Sharm el Sheikh, the world's 4th most popular tourist destination and renowned throughout the world for its diving facilities, make Egypt a really must see destination and all this only 5 hours away from most European cities. Foreigners are allowed to purchase property in Egypt but are limited to only 2 real estate properties, and the area of each property should not be in excess of four thousand square meters.

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Estonia agentsEstonia
Estonia Properties
For renovated or new property in Tallinn, Estonia, banks will generally lend up to 70% of the property value for a first property, and 50% of the value for subsequent properties in Estonia.

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Fiji Property
In Fiji freehold or land tenure is via a Torrens title land registration system with the title guaranteed constitutionally by the State.

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French Properties
Although the general standards of living are quite high in France in areas heavily populated like Paris, Cote d'Azur, Riviera etc. Areas within rural communities tend to be a little cheaper to live in and as such are becoming quite popular with overseas French property buyers.

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Berlin Germany Real Estate
Germany enjoys a very high standard of living with fairly low inflation. The cost of living is higher in Germany than some other European Union countries but not very different to that of France and the United Kingdom.

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Great BritainGreat Britain
Great Britain Homes
The process of transferring GB property ownership from one person to another is called conveyancing. You can choose between a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to do this for you.

Read more about England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Great Britain

Crete Greece Property
Coastal properties around holiday resorts will be more expensive. Try moving inland a little where you will get a lot more for your money but may still be able to take advantage of living near to a resort.

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Hungary Properties
Hungary is now part of the European Union. Any person from a country within the European Union (EU) can purchase a property in Hungary with legal permission.

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Iceland Properties
Having found that ideal property the first thing a property purchaser does in Iceland is to ask their agent to obtain a paper certificate of mortgages, charges, and other possible rights and obligations in relation to the property that is to be purchased. This can be done by a visit to the District Magistrate (Land Registry).

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Ireland Properties

India property adviceIndia
India Real Estate
An easing of restrictions in recent years has seen the Indian property market become more open to foreign investment and there has been a proliferation of large developments appearing in the major cities already.

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Ireland Properties
Irish Property Market has recently experienced a growth in the number of investors buying holiday homes in some of the country's most scenic areas. Most British buyers are investing in a property to use as a holiday home.

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Italy Real Estate
As with the other nations that are members of the European Union, Italy has seen a growth in the number of foreign nationals making property purchases within that country since the inception of the EU.

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Latvia Taxes, Legal Fees
The public Notary plays a significant part in property purchase, their fees are fixed by the state and vary between one half to a full one percent of the purchase price and are the main cost of property purchase.

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Lithuania propertiesLithuania
Lithuania Buyers Guide
There is a building boom in Lithuania with estimates of some 3000 properties per year needed to keep up with demand; with so much real estate growth going on there isn't much room to haggle.

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Luxembourg adviceLuxembourg
Luxembourg Advice
Luxembourg being at the centre of many financial banking institutions, offer various types of mortgage to assist property purchase.

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Macedonia Investment
Foreign nationals are not permitted to purchase land in Macedonia, but are permitted to freely purchase Macedonia property (i.e. apartments and other Macedonia property) subject to the reciprocity rule and the approval from the Macedonia Ministry of Justice.

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Malaysia property adviceMalaysia
Malaysia Real Estate
The buying process:Real estate in Malaysia is often bought by foreigners, and with the Malaysia My Second Home programme, the government is encouraging retirees to come to Malaysia and invest in real estate.
The process for buying property in Malaysia is straightforward and well established.

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Malta Property
When you have chosen your property in Malta, a member of the European Union, you enter into a written agreement / contract (convenium) binding the seller to sell to the purchaser the property at the agreed price and within an agreed timescale.

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Margarita Island CaribbeanMargarita Island Caribbean
Margarita Island Real Estate
Any foreigner with a valid passport can purchase property on the Margarita Island Caribbean. To start the process you need to apply for a Margarita Island RIF number which is obtained from Seniat (Government office) which must be done in person.

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Mexico Property
Mexican law allows foreign nationals to purchase land and property within Mexico; the Notary Public will guide you through these, but as a rule Mexico Property may be bought and owned outright for residential use outside of the 100km restricted land border or outside the 50km coastal zone.

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Monaco Real Estate
Both parties having agreed upon the price usually sign an agreement to purchase (compromis de vente).At this stage, under Monaco Law you are required to pay a 10% deposit to secure the property sale, this is held by your Estate Agent in Monaco. This agreement to purchase can be prepared by either your Monaco agent,legal advisor or the Monaco public Notary.

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Montenegro Real Estate
For a foreigner to purchase Montenegro property their country of origin must have a reciprocal agreement with Montenegro. Luckily most european countries do have such an agreement with Montenegro including UK, Ireland and Russia.

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Mongolia Property
Land in Mongolia is under state ownership, and this affects condominiums, since ultimately they sit on land.

Although the Constitution provides for the possibility of private ownership of urban and arable land, till recently the existing legislative framework did not provide a mechanism for introducing such private land ownership.

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Morocco Real Estate
Many property purchasers want to take advantage of the Morocco tourist boom by renting out their property. There are no restrictions on this in Morocco and there are no taxes payable on rental income achieved in Morocco during the first 5 years.

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Netherlands Property
There are a number of newspapers in the Netherlands that produce specific property sections (woon) that can be used in conjunction with your property search.

These publications are published once a week usually on a Wednesday.

Alternatively, you could use the services of an estate agent to assist your search.

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New Zealand property adviceNew Zealand
New Zealand Real Estate
Non-residents are allowed to buy a house in New Zealand. It should be noted, however, that the purchase of property does not give the buyer any right to live permanently in New Zealand.

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Norway Real EstateNorway
Norway Buyers Guide
Estate Agents, lawyers and banks have direct access to the central state register. This register is updated every day, listing changes of property ownership, restrictions on use, charges and encumbrances etc.

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Pedasi Panama Real Estate
There are no restrictions for British nationals buying property in Panama, and if buying Panama real estate in the country foreigners have the same rights and protections as Panamanian residents. As an offshore haven, it is also possible to purchase Panama property through a company should you wish to form a Panama company.

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Philippines property advicePhilippines
Philippines Real Estate
The foreigner can own the building but not the land, unless the foreigner has a Philippine Special Retirement / Investment Visa.
Holders of Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV), a non-immigrant resident visa, can get additional benefits aside from being allowed to buy a condo unit or lease a parcel of land or a house and lot.
The SRRV holders can reside in the Philippines permanently, with multiple-entry privileges and zero travel taxes.

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Poland Buyers Guide
A sworn translator is required to enable a non-Polish speaker to purchase a property in Poland. The typical time to sign one fairly simple notary contract is 2 to 3 hours.

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Algarve Portugal Real Estate
Amongst other things, the lawyer will check that the vendor owns the true title to the property in Portugal, that the property is free of any liens or mortgage and that the contractual documentation is fair and reasonable and that the vending company is of good standing.

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Romania Buyers Guide
The Romanian Constitution only restricts non-Romanians from owning land in Romania - it does not prevent foreigners from owning buildings constructed on land in Romania. It is therefore perfectly possible for non-Romanians to purchase flats in Romania.

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Saint Kitts NevisSaint Kitts Nevis
Saint Kitts Nevis Property
Foreign ownership of property is allowed in St. Kitts and Nevis.

There are two ways of acquiring property:

A) through obtaining an Alien Land-holding License; and,

B) through Economic Citizenship.

To obtain an Alien Land-holding License, one must hire a lawyer for assistance.

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Saint LuciaSaint Lucia
Saint Lucia Property
The property purchasing procedure in St Lucia is similar to that in the UK, with the exception of the Alien's Landholding License. Foreigners wishing to purchase land in St Lucia must first acquire an Alien's Landholding License. Laws were recently changed in St Lucia to make this process quicker and more flexible.

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Saint Vincent GrenadinesSaint Vincent Grenadines
Saint Vincent Grenadines Property
Many people purchasing property in St. Vincent and The Grenadines will want to know if they can enter and reside in St. Vincent and The Grenadines for as long as they wish.

The government policy is that anyone who owns a residence in St. Vincent may apply for residency and that any such application should not be unreasonably denied.

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Serbia Property
In order for foreign purchasers to complete a property sale in Serbia, their country of origin must have a reciprocal agreement with Serbia and Montenegro. In the case of Britain and Ireland for example such an agreement exists.

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Serbia MontenegroSerbia Montenegro
Serbia Montenegro
One of the most important aspects of your Serbia property purchase in Montenegro is establishing that the property has clean title

Read more about Serbia Montenegro

Slovakia Property
Slovakia as a member of the EU has a similar process when it comes to purchasing real estate as do other European countries.

Read more about Slovakia

Slovenia Properties
EMSO number This number is allocated to Slovenia citizens at birth, and non Slovenians when purchasing a property in Slovenia need to apply for one, this can been gained easily and quite quickly.

Read more about Slovenia

South AfricaSouth Africa
South Africa Properties
There are no restrictions on non residents owning property in South Africa. A non resident will of course be subject to the same laws and regulations as South Africans. Most people purchasing property in South Africa will do so registering the property in their own name.

Read more about South Africa

Spanish Real Estate
Buying property in Spain and Mallorca,a member of the European Union, is now more popular than ever, with increasing numbers of people following their dream in purchasing a Spanish holiday home, buying property to rent out or moving to the Spanish sun.

Read more about Spain

Sri LankaSri Lanka
Sri Lanka Property
The next step is to instruct a Lawyer to obtain a copy of the Deed and plan of the property, He / she will check with the land registry to ensure that the person selling the property is in fact the legal owner and has the right to sell.

Read more about Sri Lanka

Swedish Real Estate
Sweden, a member of the European Union, is the largest country in Scandinavia with Stockholm and its fourteen islands being the Capital city. Bordered by Norway and Finland, Sweden has had a real estate construction boom, with over 50% of apartment properties being built in the last 47 years.

Read more about Sweden

Switzerland Real Estate
European Union citizens who are Swiss residents can buy real estate without restrictions. Other residents can buy one property in Switzerland for their own use. There's a special permission to be asked if you want to buy a piece of land larger than 3000 m2.

Read more about Switzerland

Thailand mortgagesThailand
Thailand Real Estate
Overseas buyers can purchase Thai residential or commercial property without major restrictions. If you plan to buy land, or a villa then you will be required to setup a Thai limited liability company which will cost around £1,000 and will also have on going fees of approximately £50 per month.

Read more about Thailand

Tunisia mortgagesTunisia
Tunisia Real Estate
Foreigners are allowed to purchase real estate property in Tunisia. Until recently, Tunisian government officials discouraged investment in the Tunisia real estate sector. Nonetheless, this policy seems to be being relaxed, though all Tunisia real estate transactions are still subject to approval.

Read more about Tunisia

Turkey mortgagesTurkey
Turkey Real Estate
Capital gains made from the sale of a Turkish property will be taxable in Turkey if the real estate owner is a Company. Individuals do not have to pay capital gains on real estate, provided they have owned the Turkey property for one year.

Read more about Turkey

Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands Real Estate
When a Turks and Caicos property has been selected and a price has been agreed, a sales agreement is normally signed by both the vendor and the purchaser.

Read more about Turks and Caicos Islands

United Arab Emirates UAEUnited Arab Emirates UAE
United Arab Emirates UAE Real Estate
Foreign nationals are now allowed to buy freehold properties in designated areas in Dubai. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals are allowed freehold real estate ownership anywhere in the Emirates.

Read more about United Arab Emirates UAE

United States of AmericaUSA - United States of America
USA United States of America Real Estate
There are no restrictions on people from foreign countries purchasing property in the United States. However, for people from the UK who speak English and assume that as English is the language of the United States, the USA properties buying process is the same as in UK its not, taxes and requirements involved with property purchase vary from state to state.

Read more about USA United States of America

Venezuela property adviceVenezuela
Venezuela Real Estate
ou will arrive in Venezuela either by charter flight from Europe or on a regular service via the Venezuelan capitol Caracas.
All Venezuela property transactions are made in the local currency Venezuelan Bolivars (VEB) some property sellers will ask to be paid in foreign currency, but there are new regulations effective from June 2007 which makes this virtually impossible as the property purchase has to be shown as being paid for by a cheque drawn up in the local currency, proof of this has to be shown when drawing up the new title documents.

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